Austin Urban Gardens

Raised Bed Gardening and Eating Well in Austin, Texas

No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 50 February 21, 2010

Ahhh, finally Saturday.    The rain made it easy to stay in bed longer than normal, which I desparately needed.  It was a crazy week.

For brunch, I had some Kocurek Family jalapeno bacon.  I made an omelette from chicken eggs given to me by a client with lots of chickens, and some Full Quiver cheddar.  I crumbled the bacon in the omelette.  Pretty basic, but nice and warm on a coolish morning.   Too full to consider lunch.

At the Downtown Farmer’s Market, I got some cow’s milk, from Way Back When Farms, 6 grapefruits, (didn’t see a sign for this vendor, but probably overlooked it) bibb lettuce and basil from Bella Verdi Farms, Texas Coffee Traders coffee, and a loaf of rosemary ciabatta from Texas French Bread.  I put the bread in the freezer, since I’ve been not loving my homemade 100% Whole Wheat bread.  This way, if I have a craving for a sandwich, it is a possibility, without violating the challenge.  I restrained myself on proteins, because my freezer is pretty full, and I have lots of cheese still from Full Quiver and Antonelli’s.  I should have gotten some turnips and carrots, but just didn’t think about it.  I also met and talked to Aaron Sanchez, at the market.  He does “Best thing I ever Ate” and “Chef vs. City” on the Food Network.  What a cool and friendly guy.  He was taking pictures of the charcuterie at the Kocurek’s booth.

I was generously gifted tickets to the Viva Las Vegas bash at the Austin Music Hall.  We didn’t eat dinner, thinking we’d pig out there, but it was so crowded, and there was so much to watch,  we didn’t really eat.


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