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No Grocery Store Challenge, Days 48 and 49 February 20, 2010

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Wow, things have been crazy this week with the gardening business, and I’m behind.  The excitement of the TV interview left me a bit worn out and the great weather gave us time to get lots of work done.  I’m so thankful for a chilly rainy Saturday to catch up, and plan my food for the coming week.

Thursday breakfast was a scrambled chicken eggs, Vital Farms?  (they were no longer in their container) with jalapenos I pickled this past Fall.  For lunch I took my mom to get her out of the house, since she doesn’t drive.  She wanted a burger, so I figured Terra Burger, who advertises all organic and some local would be the best bet.

I had snacks at the Slow Food Happy Hour at Fino.  Carrot soup, and a lettuce wrap made with Bella Verdi lettuce.

Dinner was the Elevated Artisinal Blue Mushroom soup I picked up at the Triangle Market.

Yesterday, I had 2 small scrambled eggs that one of our garden clients gave us from her chickens, with a little crumbled Full Quiver Feta and thyme from my garden.

I skipped lunch because Friday night is usually dinner with my parents who live up the street.  I had made reservations at Eddie V’s, because that is where dad likes to go.  Indeed we went, and I had a salad, split the Filet with mom, and had one of her fried shrimp, with brocolli and potatoes.

Here are a couple of gardens we got done this week, aside from the massive project we will complete next week.

Garden with deer guard

Custom garden for narrow space


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