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Potato Planting Day, Austin February 14, 2010

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Since it is my working goal to make my garden as productive as possible, for as much of the year as possible, I decided to plant potatoes this year in potato planting bags, to give myself the 4′ x 6′ raised garden space the potatoes took up last year, for something else.  I’ve never used growing bags before, nor have I used the “hilling” method.  I normally just stick them in the ground and let them grow.

So, first I stopped off at one of my favorite stores in Austin, for seed potatoes.  Buck Moore Feed and Supply.  I love this store, it reminds me of the feed and tack store I loved growing up, with the smell of hay and sweet feed always in the air.  (Sledd Nursery on West Lynn also had seed potatoes last week when I was there. )  Buck Moore already has some tomato transplants out front too, but I’m going to wait another few weeks for tomatoes.  They sell Ladybug brand products as well.

Buck Moore Feed & Supply

Then I broke out the bags and filled them without about 6 inches of organic soil (Hill Country Blend).

Potato Planting Bags

Next I watered the soil and let it drain for a while, so as not to plant the potatoes in mud.  I picked the seed potatoes with the most eyes, and those showing signs of roots already, and laid them on the top of the moist soil.

Taters in bags

Next, I simply covered the spuds with about 4 inches of the Hill Country Soil, which I didn’t water because too much wetness will make them rot.

I intend to use the hilling method in these bags, so once the potato [;amts jave reacjed 8 inches in height, I’ll add another 4 inches of soil, and continue until the bag is full.  We’ll see how it goes!


2 Responses to “Potato Planting Day, Austin”

  1. Liz Says:

    Saw your feature on News 8. Are the potato planting sacks available at Buck Moore as well? This is something I’ve been wanting to try.

    • Hey Liz, I ordered my potato growing bags from Gardener’s Supply. I didn’t ask if Buck Moore had them, but didn’t see them either. Callahan’s might have them. I ordered mine online and they came in less than a week. You have several weeks yet to plant potatoes, and I have a sack of seed potatoes left if you’d like them. Just let me know. Gardeners have to stick together!

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