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The Vegetable Gardens of Fonda San Miguel February 10, 2010

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Since my “Eat Local” challenge began, although I have not prohibited myself from eating out, I’ve been trying to go to places as often as possible that have a garden, from which they pick seasonal produce for the menu.  It is impossible to tell how much food makes it from garden to plate, even after quizzing the staff.  I have recently posted pictures of Eastside Cafe’s amazing gardens, as well as a photo of a salad plate that included giant onions and bell peppers, which obviously are not in season.  Still, they make no “all garden” representation, and it doesn’t matter to me, because they are honestly trying to source as locally as possible, which is more than we can for most restaurants.  I’m going to continue to seek out restaurants that maintain a garden, as well as those that shop from farmer’s markets, and write about them.

Last week, for my mom’s 75th birthday, we had a surprise party at Fonda San Miguel.  She was surprised, and we had a great time.  I find the restaurant to be expensive for what you get, but the atmosphere is wonderful and they have a great garden.  I wasn’t able to photograph it last week, so I snapped some shots the other day.  It is winter, and their big crop for the restaurant is poblano and other peppers, which are hot weather crops, but they still maintain some vegetables and herbs.

Magnificant front entry

Entry gate to garden

part of the garden

More garden area

I’m aware of a couple other restaurants that maintain a garden, and will profile them soon.  If you know of any, I’d love to hear of them!


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