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Vegetable Planting Guide for Austin, February-March February 8, 2010

If you have limited garden space, its the time of year right now that planting takes some thought.  Most folks want to plant tomatoes and peppers this Spring.  There are approximately 45 days between now and the first date recommended for planting tomatoes, March 25.  The recommended tomato planting dates are from March 25 – May 1.  So that 45 days from today could be stretched to around 80 days if you were to plant tomatoes May 1st.

So, if you have space in your garden now, but want to plant peppers, why not make the most of it and plant something that will be ready for harvest by tomato planting time.  Here are a few suggestions.  Keep in mind that if you plant some of the things that take the full 80 days to harvest, this leave you with little time to let the soil rest, amend it, and get the tomatoes in the ground by the end of the Spring planting season.  In my garden, I planted radishes, lettuce, carrots, and broccoli in the last couple of weeks.

beets (plant after Feb. 15)  55 to 65 days to harvest

broccoli 60-80 days to harvest

cabbage 65-80 days to harvest

carrots 70-80 days to harvest

collards 55-70 days to harvest

kale 50-70 days to harvest

lettuce 60-80 days to harvest

mustard 40-50 days to harvest

peas 60-80 days to harvest

radish 25-30 days to harvest

spinach 40-45 days to harvest

turnip 45 to 60 days to harvest


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