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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 37 February 8, 2010

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Yes, well Superbowl Sunday.  When I made my big “all vegetable” proclamation I had forgotten that little tidbit.  I didn’t do too badly, although I’m still feeling totally porky from the Tasty Up Trailer Tour. (I forgot my camera that day, but will link to some photos as soon as the other food bloggers get theirs up.)  It was a blast!

So, breakfast was a veggie, egg white omelette.  Onions, tomatoes, mushrooms from the Downtown Farmer’s Market, and chicken eggs from Richardsons.

Still full at lunch, I nibbled on carrots from Johnson’s Backyard Garden and some Grandma’s Hummus, from the Mediterranean Chef at the Downtown Market.

Afternoon snack was some brisket I picked up for my parents for the game from Ruby’s BBQ, because I wanted them to try Franklin, but it was closed.  I’m not sure if it is closed Sunday, or just ran out of food from the trailer tour.

Dinner was a Thunderheart Bison burger on my whole wheat bun, with  Full Quiver Pepper Jack, Bella Verdi Lettuce, and someone’s hydroponic tomato.  I’ve got to come up with a solution to the whole wheat bread heaviness, because it is really much to dense for me.  Jesse from Dai Due suggested that I sift the flour, but once I had begun the bread baking process yesterday, I couldn’t locate the sifter.  I know the solution is adding white flour, but I’ve not found any local white flour thus far.


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