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100%Whole Wheat Bread February 7, 2010

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Today was my third attempt at making the whole wheat bread, using 100% whole wheat flour from Richardson Farms.  So far, the first effort seems to have been the most successful.  The second try, wherein I attempted to improve on the recipe by adding more olive oil and honey, yielded 2 brick like loaves that were not enjoyable.  Today, I returned to the original recipe, posted earlier, and made one loaf and 4 hamburger buns.  I love smelling up the house with yeasty bread smells on a gloomy day.  I think these turned out well, too, so I’m encouraged.  I don’t recall the first 2 loaves I made breaking on the sides like this one did, and don’t know if that matters.


2 Responses to “100%Whole Wheat Bread”

  1. Gorgeous loaf! The split on the side is fine. You can slash the top if you want.

    How did this loaf fall short? Is the crumb too dense? Just too hearty?

    I expect to post my Texas Bread recipe soon, hopefully today. I hit on an easy fix: sift out most of the bran. Ridiculously simple.

    Keep up the good work!

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