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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 36 February 6, 2010

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Today was an unusual food day, albeit a great one, but not so local.  Addie Broyles ( and Jodi Bart ( organized a free style tour of many of the food trailers around town, to sample their tasty morsels.  Foolish as we were, 3 of us started at noon by splitting a grilled cheese from Dai Due at the Austin Farmer’s Market.  It was the best grilled cheese ever, made with Pola cheese and accompanied by apple chutney.  All local, but I believe this is where the local ended for the day.  We picked up name tags from Trailer Perk first and met some fellow food trailer tasters.  First up was Old School BBQ, a new mobile BBQ joint, housed in a yellow school bus.  We split the brisket sandwich and an order of fries. The brisket was outstanding, the fries even better, perfectly seasoned and very tasty.  The bus was parked in a lot near East 1st and Pleasant Valley, but from what I understand, it moves around.  Second up, was Lucky J’s Chicken and Waffles.  We sampled a breakfast waffle taco, with eggs, bacon and more wrapped in a waffle; a waffle taco with fried chicken, a waffle sandwich with cheese, bacon and I don’t recall what else, and the straight up chicken and waffle plate.   Everything was interesting.  I’m generally not a waffle fan, but felt it my duty to power through and sample it all.  Next was Franklin’s BBQ, on I-35N and Concordia.  I have been there before and was too full to eat more, but can heartily recommend their BBQ.  They also have a bourbon banana pudding that everyone was raving about.  Too stuffed to eat more, we decided to digest at Vino Vino over a bottle of wine.  We also purchased a bottle to go to our next destination, my favorite of the day G’raj Mahal.  I just like to say it.  G’raj Mahal.   On Rainey Street just off of  Cesar Chavez and Red River.  This place has some seriously good Indian Food.  I had the Tikka Masala and we ordered the regular Naan and Garlic Naan.  I asked if  we could see the tandoor in action and they welcomed us up to the trailer and showed us how the Naan is made.  Very cool stuff, and so tasty.  There is wait service, which distinguishes this trailer from most others, and a covered seating area, that is well lit and heated with propane lamps.  Hard as it is to believe, we had one last stop to make, East Side Kings, in the back of the Liberty Tavern.  These folks are from Uchi and serve some seriously high end food, from a tiny trailer.  I ordered the Thai Chicken Karaage and a pork bun, a soft bun filled with pork belly.  Yep, I said it.  We split this and I declared myself done for the night.   7 plus hours of eating.  So disgusting, but in such a good way.  I want to thank Addie and Jodi for organizing this event – it was a great day.  It was even better once I got home and got my pants off.  Elastic wear and vegetables will be in order for the next couple of days.

For those of you sweet folks who have asked about my eye affliction, thank you, and the Dr. pronounced it to be on the mend this morning.  No more violent winking at strangers, thankfully.


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