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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 35 February 6, 2010

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Yesterday I was completely disinterested in food.  My sweet mom, worried about my strange non-healing eye, wanted to make me lunch.  She had made soup from one of those kits they sell at trade shows.  I agreed, but wanting to add something local to the meal, I stopped at Sweetish Hill to pick up some salads and sandwiches.  I have always liked Sweetish Hill, but never realized they bought local produce.  I was happy to read this from their website

“We use fresh Texas butter, organic wheat from Kansas, Amador Farms lettuce, Alexander Family Farms eggs, Goodflow juices, Anderson & Co. coffee, seasonal vegetables from the Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market, and East Poultry natural chicken. We believe ingredients that don’t travel great distances and aren’t preserved for long periods of time retain more of their flavor and nutrition.”

So for dinner, I had some leftover chicken from the other night, some garden broccoli and a garden salad.  It is always funny to see “garden salad” listed on a menu, now. Who’s garden exactly?


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