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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 34 February 4, 2010

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I realize this blog is sorely missing pictures, and for that I apologize.  I haven’t worked the garden because of the rain, but will get out there the moment the sun comes out.  I also have a plan to take some photos of gardens maintained by restaurants, inspired by my trip to Fonda San Miguel the other night.  I was in no shape to hang around a take pictures with my evil eye condition, so I’ll do that this weekend, hopefully.  Restaurant gardens are a great trend, and one I’d like to help some restaurants get started with too, so its a plan.

For lunch I stopped at Fete Accompli, on 12th street on my way home from downtown.  They have been catering for quite some time, and the food I have had from there is always amazing, and they try to source locally as well, so score.  I got a local salad, and a tuna sandwich.  I know, tuna.  We all know the tuna wasn’t from Lake Travis.  None of the sandwiches were really local, but I wanted to see what they had and support their efforts, and there was no way I was making my own lunch, because I just wanted to lay down in the dark with ice on my eye, which I did.  Until dinner. (Fete Accompli has a wide variety of prepared food to eat there, or take away, and a frozen case filed with really yummy frozen dinners to take home, such as truffled mac and cheese and other pasta and layered dishes.)

I have had a long standing Cafe Josie dinner planned with a friend, and after laying low all afternoon, I thought I could swing it.  I asked for the darkest table they had, and they obliged thinking I had a date.  I explained that I was meeting a friend and that light was evil with my bizarre eye affliction.   Since the random dagger stabbing had ceased earlier today, I didn’t feel like my friend, the restaurant staff or the other patrons would think I was winking violently at them, so it was good.  I reckoned that might be a bit off-putting whilst eating, and didn’t want to disturb anyone.  I had what I always have, the snapper.  We also had calamari which I think is some of the best in town.  All in all, a great dinner, but I was happy to return to my ice pack and vampire darkness.  Tomorrow, will be a more local eating day, and hopefully some sunshine, so I can go check on the status of the my future yard food.


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