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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 29 January 31, 2010

For a nice hot hearty breakfast this morning, I had some of the bulk pork sausage from Richardson Farms and 2 duck eggs scrambled with market tomatoes.  Then I layered up and headed to the Downtown Farmer’s Market in Republic Square Park, which was to debut its new layout and deck under a huge oak tree, with tables and chairs and live music.    I’ll post some pictures later, I just realized I haven’t downloaded them yet.  It was great!  That venue is perfect for the growing market, and I ran into so many friends there, grocery shopping has never been more enjoyable.  I got home with the Kocurek torchons and andouille I bought Wednesday and forgot to bring home, as well as some Texas Hot Sausage and molassas bacon.  I bought pepper jack and cheddar cheese from Full Quiver, butter lettuce from Bella Verdi, (and he gave me some microgreens to try) an enormous Napa cabbage and shallots, and Texas Coffee Trader’s coffee.  Oh, and more pasta from Texas Pasta Company.  I need to make my own from local wheat, but haven’t gotten to that yet.)  It was a really fun farmer’s market today.

For a late lunch, I had a Whole Wheat tortilla made from scratch with Richardson’s wheat, with some full quiver cheese folded over into a quesadilla.  I need to work on the tortilla recipe a bit to give it more flavor.  Today was the first time to try that recipe.   I used an electric tortilla press, which allowed me to get it thinner than I could have otherwise, I think.  It was pretty good.  The recipe called for cooking it in oil, which would have added flavor, but I was trying to keep the calories down, with the dinner I had in mind.

Dinner, was a bit odd.  Trying to adapt existing recipes to what I have on hand,  is not as smart as trying to come up with new recipes to highlight what I do have.  Lesson learned.  I had watched Tyler Florence make Stroganoff, with pasta, mushrooms, garlic, sour cream and cream, and the beef was short ribs.  I had thawed Bastrop Cattle Company short ribs and cooked them in the oven at 300 for 2.5 hours.  They were great, with lots of olive oil, my garden thyme and rosemary.    I had the rest of the wheat pasta from the downtown market a couple of weeks ago, and cooked that.  I sauteed market mushrooms and the shallots I got today in Kocurek duck fat, thyme and red wine.  (The absence of garlic in everything was noticible.)  Then for the cream sauce, I attempted to make one from goat milk thickened with chevre.  The result was an oddly purple colored (from the wine) thin sauce that didn’t taste bad, but wasn’t really that good either.  I wish I had just stuck to my homemade pesto that the freezer is full of.    Oh well. Now I know.

So today was interesting.  I’m full of good, healthful, local food, it just wasn’t the triumph I had hoped for.  I do have wheat tortillas that are ready to go, in the fridge now, which is a bonus.  Pizza crust is next.  Tortillas and pizza are not on my regular menu, I just seem to need to know they are available.  More hoarding mentality I guess.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 29”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Would garlic chives help at all? I have a very hardy stock of these (it’s been alive for 10+ years, despite being completely ignored outdoors for nearly that entire time) if you’d like some.

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