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February Planting Guide, Zone 8 January 31, 2010

Crop                    Days to maturity

Asparagus         2 years to production

Beets                    55-65   After feb. 15th

Broccoli              60-80  after feb. 15th

Cabbage               65-80  I have to call BS on this one.  Mine has been in the ground over 100 days and no cabbage heads

Carrots                  70-80

Collards                55-70

Kale                         50-70  I recommend Dinosaur Kale

Lettuce                   60-85  I like Black Seeded Simpson, Butter Lettuce, and Buttercrunch

Mustard                  50-60

Onions                     100-120  Patience required

Peas                         60-80  Plant until Feb. 15th

Potatoes                  70-90  I reccomend Red Lasoda, and Kennebec

Radish                       25-30  So fast!  Very rewarding

Spinach                     40-45

Turnip                       45-65

You can also plant blackberries now, which will be bare root plants that like to grow up a fence or trellis.  I think cilantro will still do well, but most of the herbs will start to be planted early March.  Just pay attention to the maturity dates if you want to plant tomatoes and peppers in the Spring, so that you have room for them.  Feel free to ask me anything.  If I don’t know the answer, I surely will make something up!  Kidding.


5 Responses to “February Planting Guide, Zone 8”

  1. Kristi Says:

    Carla, can you grow carrots in an Earthbox? I was thinking about getting one for my nephew. He told me today he’d like to grow vegetables like the farmers we met at the market.

    • Hey Kristi,
      Yes and I have some “Short and Sweet” carrots seeds I’ll donate if you think he’d like some. I also have some seeds for “Rainbow Radishes” that might be fun. I love it when kiddos are interested in growing food. I’ll help that process in any way I can.

  2. sandragardens Says:

    What varieties (i.e., vendor type and seed type) have and/or will you plant for the spring? I would like to compare what seed varieties have been successful for others and those I have used.

    • Hey Sandra,
      I have a supplier for transplant for heirloom tomatoes, peppers and other stuff. I’ll probably just seed for lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson, and Buttercrunch. I think I’ll be too busy to start many other seeds then transplant them. I like Renees Garden, Botanical Interests and have used for heirlooms.

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