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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 28! January 30, 2010

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Wow, four whole weeks today.  It went fast.  I intended to celebrate the mini milestone with an all local food day, but real life got in the way and that didn’t happen.  I had to meet my business partner for lunch, and he was on Far West, where there is nothing local that I’m aware of.    He picked China Sea, and I had the lettuce wrap appetizer.  I figured it I just ate less it would be better.  I didn’t set out to only eat at restaurants that source local, but I’ve been trending that way.  I just don’t want to impose my ideals on anyone else, because then I’d just be an unbearable bore.

So, Friday nights I usually have dinner with my parents who moved her 2 years ago.  I decided on Fino, a restaurant that I love, and one that tries to source local as much as they can.  Harley Clark, former Travis County Judge, grows many of their veggies for them.  I had the flatiron steak, with spinach and potato puree and a local salad.  The spinach was local as well.

One month observations – I don’t need to hoard food.  I have plenty, and the supply isn’t running out.  Most of what I have needs to be cooked, rather than warmed up or eaten as is.  I need to get some Thunderheart bison jerky, for my fast food on the go, because there is nothing in my arsenal that works in a hurry.

I miss parmesan, popcorn, black beans, garlic, crackers  and ready made tortillas.  Again, with the fast food.  I have a recipe for whole wheat tortillas and pasta, but have been too busy to break out the Cuisinart.  And, I miss the grocery store, which was my playground.  All of them, Whole Foods, Central Market, Fresh Plus and Costco.  I don’t mind purchasing toothpaste and toilet paper at CVS, but it isn’t the same.  I bought paper towels at Home Depot yesterday.

Going forward, I’m going to try to plan ahead better.  I’m a pretty good food planner, but I’m easily moved off track.  Wanna go out?  Yep, sure!  That throws off the whole balance.  I want to learn about more vegetables, as well.  I ordered some potato bags today, so that I don’t have to take up a chunck of my garden on potatoes.  I’m trying to be as productive as possible, in my own garden.


4 Responses to “No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 28!”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Surely you could get locally-made tortillas around here somewhere…

    • Yes, I could get them from El Milagro, and I know I will need some of their chips at some point, because I just will, but I’d like to try making them with my whole wheat flour from the Richardson’s first, so that they would truly be local. Thanks!

  2. You’re doing great! What about buying locally made tortillas at el milagro on 6th? Would that be local and non-grocery store or would that break the rules?

    • Hey Lisa,
      El Milagro is my back up plan for tortillas. I’ve got that whole wheat flour from Richardson Farms that I’m going to try for tortillas and maybe pasts some time soon. I was pleasantly surprised that the bread turned out less dense that I’d expected, so maybe the tortillas will be good too. If not, El Milagro it is. I’m sure I’ll have a tortilla chip fit at some point and go straight there for those addictive chips. I do not consider El Milagro a grocery store and I’m going to patronize Antonelli’s Cheese shop for local cheeses too.

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