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Watermelon Radishes, Part Deux, or Duh January 28, 2010

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Soooo, I’m an imperfect gardener!  Duh, you all say.  In my zeal at the quickness in which the Watermelon Radish seeds supposedly sprung up, I posted a picture of them a few days ago.  However,  now that they are really up, I know that that picture is of a weed.  The unknown weed, also sprung up all over my garden, which was how I knew for sure I’d misidentified it as the much anticipated radishes, which are NOT planted all over my garden.  Plus, the real radishes have pushed through.  So, my bad, please forgive me.

In other good news, the Buttercrunch Lettuce has also come up, days after I had given up that it would, and the carrots are coming through in droves as well.  My challenge will be to keep these little sprouts warm enough in the next few days of freezing temps, so that they may continue their journey to my dinner plate.


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