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Watermelon Radish Seedlings January 25, 2010

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You’d think I would get used to seeing seeds sprout, but I never really do.  I’m always so excited to see little green signs of life (and food) emerge from their underground starting place.  Some never do come up, despite my coddling.  I don’t think the Buttercrunch Lettuce germinated, but the carrots I planted next to it the same day have sprouted.    Radishes are so very easy to grow.  The Watermelon Radish seeds I planted this week are emerging every day.  In just a month or so, they’ll be an edible addition to my (non Buttercrunch) salad.  They actually started coming up in clumps, which means I dropped too many seeds in one spot and they also get washed around when I water the first time.  I’ll have to thin them, which pains me, because I hate to waste one little radish life.  But, it must be done to ensure the others will have room to grow.

Watermelon Radish Seedlings


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