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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 22 January 24, 2010

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Week 4 of this little challenge to eat local and grow more food began with lots of coffee with goat milk,  after a late pizza night.  I’m amazed that the goat milk remains fresh for so long.    I’m trying to make just the amount of coffee that I’m going to drink, because I’m paying lots more for coffee than I did when I bought it at Costco.  I never drink all that I brew, so I’m trying to brew less.

The Downtown Farmer’s Market moved to its new location in the park today, with much fanfare, lots of new vendors, chef’s demonstrations and kiddo events.  I was there before it opened to help man the Kocurek’s Charcuterie booth.  Once the bell rang, the market was nuts. It seemed like double the normal crowd and we were busy the entire time.  For lunch, I snuck away to the chef’s demonstration table and grabbed us each a wonderful Amberjack taco, prepared by La Condesa.  The Amberjack was from San Miguel seafood.    I had already ordered some Amberjack for myself, which I picked up after the market.  Major score!  I also left with some really nice lettuce (my recently seeded Buttercrunch appears to be a total failure) from BellaVerdi Farms.  The addition of Full Quiver to the downtown market was amazing as well, because their cheese is outstanding.  I got cheddar and some jalapeno cheese spread.  I also got more duck eggs from Countryside for me and a friend whom I’ve gotten addicted to duck eggs as well.  It was a great market.  And, when I got home this afternoon, I checked ont he garden and the recently seeded Watermelon radishes have sprouted already.   Radishes never disappoint, in my experience.

Dinner was fabulous, Loncito’s lamb chops, marinated and grilled by my friend Michelle (and Chris) who has a beautiful, fun and informative food blog  She also made stir fried kale with garlic, the most amazing mac and cheese, and an oozy chocolate dessert with whipped cream that was sinfully delicious.   I’m going to have some calories to work off tomorrow, but it was totally worth it and has been a great day.


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  2. Optimista Says:

    My Earthbox looks gorgeous this morning! I took some pics and will download them later and send them to you. Had lots of fun last night – thanks for coming over!

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