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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 21 January 23, 2010

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This will be short, because I’m tuckered.  Cedar has knocked me off the healthy food high I’ve been riding on, and reminded me that I am not in control of nature.  Evil pollen.  So, for breakfast, coffee with goat milk, for lunch I took my mom to the new Jack Allens in Oak Hill, a restaurant that tries to use as much locally sourced food as they can.  I had salmon croquettes, although fully aware that salmon is not caught locally.  It came atop a local slaw of cabbage, and cilantro, and topped with some type of aoli.  Mom had the special chicken enchiladas, and I preferred hers to mine, I was just trying to keep the calories down, aware of what was to come for dinner.

Dinner.  I have beel following Christian Bowers’ blog for quite some time.  He has been on a quest to make the perfect pizza dough and has photographed and blogged about his journey.  I was fortunate to meet Christian not too long ago and even more fortunate to be invited over for a pizza party at his home tonight.  His pizza was perfect.  The crust is thin, and crisp on the bottom, with a little bit of chewiness and crisp bubbles on top.  So freaking good.  And the pizza with smoked mozzerella, carmelized onions, Kocurek Italian Sausage and Truffle Oil was heavenly.  Oh my.  So that was dinner.  I cooked nothing today, but I ate well, and didn’t go to the grocery store.

The Austin Farmer’s Market downtown is moving from the street into the park today.  There are lots of new vendors, live music, a couple of cooking demonstrations with local chefs, and sack races and the like for the kiddos.  It promises to be a fun day.  If you do get to the market, please come to the Kocurek’s booth and say hi!  I should be there all day.


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