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Waiting on the Cabbage January 21, 2010

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I’m an impatient gardener, I’m sorry to admit.  I like things that grow quickly and provide instant gratification.  I should be a radish farmer.  You get the seeds in the ground, and before you know it, little red orbs are pushing their way above the surface, a signal they are ready to be pulled and eaten.  Around 30 days.  I have Watermelon Radish seeds on the way and am anxious to get them planted, because they will be done before time to plant tomatoes.  I planted cabbage, oh say 9 months ago and am still waiting for them to form heads.  OK, not quite 9, maybe October.   Cabbage takes about 100 days.  I still can’t tell if they are forming heads yet.  I think so but am not quite sure.  Can you see it?


4 Responses to “Waiting on the Cabbage”

  1. Optimista Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one dying for instant gardening gratification. I’d be so tempted to just eat that cabbage right now.

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  3. And what would you do with it? I’m going to wait, but I’m open to ideas.

  4. sandragardens Says:

    I wished my vegatables looked as good as yours…

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