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Growing Berries, Grapes and Asparagus in Austin January 19, 2010

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Now is the time to plant bare root blackberries, raspberries, dewberries and potted grapes and strawberries,  as well as bare root asparagus.  My strawberries have been in the ground for a while, but you can still plant them.  I just bought 2 new blackberry bushes to add to the two I bought a couple of years ago.  I almost bought a raspberry bush as well, but haven’t heard anyone have much luck with them.  Asparagus is always on my list of things I’d like to grow, but knowing how impatient I am, I never get any in the ground, since they take two years to produce.  Natural Gardener has a good supply of all of these as of today, as well as onion starts, lots of lettuce transplants, kale, mustard greens, cabbage and broccoli.    They also had some Kennebec seed potatoes but are out of the Red Lasoda.  It is a bit early yet to get potatoes in the ground.  I’m planning a whole post dedicated to growing potatoes very soon.


2 Responses to “Growing Berries, Grapes and Asparagus in Austin”

  1. Kyle Cline Says:

    Hi! I know this is an old post, but I have a question. I planted blackberries in my home garden a few months ago. But they all look so pitiful right now. I bought 14 plants that are 2 years old. I bought them online and they came as just a bunch of sticks with roots. Some of the arapaho variety bloomed a little bit. The brazos didn’t do anything. I don’t know how to tell if they are alive. It is in full sun in a well draining garden. Do you have any tips?

    • Hey there,
      They do come as sticks, and prefer full sun, water and well drained soil. If you are in Central Texas, they should be finishing up their productive season. If they didn’t produce, they may need to be fertilized. They do tend to show heat stress, but will survive it if watered properly. Good luck!

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