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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 15 January 17, 2010

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Yesterday was a crazy day.  I helped Lee Ann Kocurek man their first charcuterie booth at the Down Town Farmer’s market.  It was a very busy market day and succesful for them, which is great!  It does make for a long day though.  I was able to get some shopping in and bought some lettuce, (my garden lettuce is between plantings and I have very little) some shrimp, some pasta from the pasta company on Kerby Lane, coffee from Texas Coffee Traders, some Texas Olive Ranch Fig Basalmic Vinegar, Pomegranite Basalmic Vinegar, Orange and White Basalmic Vinegar and olive oil.  These vinegars are amazing, and are going to add so much flavor to my boring salads.   Kristi from was sweet enough to snag me some meyer lemons from the Sunset Valley market, which is great because their season is about over.

For my food yesterday, I ate a sandwich that Lee Ann brought from home.  Dinner was market salad, half of a huge ribeye, from Richardson Farms, grilled on the Big Green Egg, with Walnut Pappardelle pasta from the downtown market, and pesto from my huge basil harvest this Fall.  This was one of the best dinners I’ve had at home in a while.  My freezer is full of pesto, which is a good thing.

Today I will fire up the smoker and slow smoke the huge racks of baby back ribs I got from Richardson Farms last week.  I’m also going to try a bread recipe using 100% whole wheat flour.  2 experiments in one day.  Once the smoker is going, I’ll make some duck eggs for breakfast, and plan my meals for the next few days.  My freezer is full of charcuterie from the Kocureks, and lots of stuff from Richardson Farms that needs to be eaten.  I think the odd need to hoard food has subsided, thankfully.


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