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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 14 January 16, 2010

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Wow, there are some good locally sourced eats to be had around this town, I sampled lots of them yesterday.  Breakfast was a piece of Rosemary Bacon from Kocurek Family.  Lunch was a fairly innocuous salad.  But dinner, was amazing.  I met friends at Wink wine bar for wine and appetizers, then we (4 of us) ordered 3 dinners to split.  Thunderheart Bison steak and Pompano, caught in the Gulf, and fois gras from Countryside Farms.  Wow, such amazing food from around these parts.  I feel like I’m eating out way too much, but I never planned for my little eat local challenge to hinder my social life, so oh well.

I’ll be at the Downtown Farmer’s Market from start to finish today, helping the Kocureks, so come by their booth, taste some yummy stuff and say hi.  I’m looking forward to Remember When Dairy’s return as Way Back When Dairy.  I’ve heard that they have achieved goat butter, which I failed at.

Tomorrow is baby back rib smoking day and possibly wheat bread making day.  I raided my folks pantry and took a jar of yeast.


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