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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 13 January 15, 2010

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So again, I’m off plan.  I had carrots for breakfast from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.  They were fast and crunchy and sweet, and I had hit the snooze 3 times, so no time to cook before heading downtown.  Pre-prepared quiche works best for me, as I’m not a breakfast gal.  Don’t get me wrong, I love breakfast, but not until around 9:00, and I’ve been gone for an hour and a half by 9:00.    So, for lunch I made a salad from my garden lettuce,  farmer’s market tomatoes and green onions, Pure Luck Hopelessly Bleu, 2 boiled duck eggs and 2 slices of Kocurek Rosemary bacon.  I made a dressing from Texas Olive Ranch olive oil, their basalmic, and some Meyer lemon zest from the Sunset Valley Market last week.  I was stuffed all afternoon.  Because it was pouring rain, and I have plans tomorrow night, I decided to forego my steak dinner and go out with my folks (we usually eat together on Friday nights).  I picked a restaurant that gets most of their food locally, Jeffrey’s, and it is close to home.  I had a salad of greens from Boggy Creek Farm, and snapper from the Gulf.  I don’t know if they get it from the Farmer’s Market guys.    It was a good dinner, my dad paid, I think I might have been disappointed if I had paid the bill.  I think there is better food for less in this town, and that makes me feel bad, because I use to think Jeffrey’s was worth the money.  The service was beyond perfect.  Oh well, that’s a Yelp review waiting to happen.

So, what I’m noticing is that imposing limits on myself, makes me long for things I rarely ate before.  It’s as if I just want to know they are available.  Like bread.  I’m usually a low carb gal, because it works for me.  I do love a great sandwich on occasion.  (deli sandwich from Fresh Plus on West Lynn and the Friday special sandwith from Sweetish Hill)  So now that I don’t have bread, I’m dying to make some.  I could get bread from any of the farmer’s markets from Texas French Bread, but I have local whole wheat flour, and I’d like to use it.  I don’t eat a lot of pasta, again with the carb deal, but I’m dying to make whole wheat pasta.  I could fashion a carbonara out of the Kocurek bacon, my goat milk and whole wheat pasta that would be decent.  My freezer is full of pesto from past basil harvests, and it is quite yummy.  So, I’ll be making some pasta soon.  But, I’m not aware of any local cheese maker that makes parmesan.  I think that’s an Italy deal, and its so well aged, it might take me 18 months to age some, even if I knew how to make it.   Another goal.  I guess it will need to be goat parmesan, because that’s the milk I can get, until I can smuggle a dairy cow into the heart of Central Austin.  Perhaps when Antonelli’s Cheese Shop opens soon in Hyde Park, they can find me a local option.  They rock like that!

I have been offered an avocado from my friend Kristi Willis’s ( CSA box.  That makes me wonder if her CSA farm is growing avocados.  So I could go out there and get some, perhaps.

So, in conclusion for this day, I can honestly say I want a farm.


3 Responses to “No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 13”

  1. Cedarparkgardner Says:

    Your making me hungry!

  2. thecosmiccowgirl Says:

    so glad to have found your blog–thanks for all the inspiring updates! now, i can’t wait to see what you improvise next!

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