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No Grocery Store Challenge, Days 11 and 12 January 14, 2010

So, I got behind with all the dang tax documents due this week.  Yesterday, Day 11, I had a scrambled duck egg from Countryside Farms for breakfast. The duck eggs are so much silkier and more luscious than chicken eggs, I’m a total convert.  I learned today from Sebastian, that ducks pretty much lay 1 egg a day, and they do it at night.  His ducks are free range during the day, then he corrals them at night, which makes sense, since there are duck predators that roam out in the country where his farm is.  Carrying on, I just had a chunk of chedder cheese from Full Quiver Farms for lunch, because I was hunkered down doing paperwork.  For dinner, I had leftover smoked chicken over a salad with a boiled duck egg (I know!  lots of eggs), a slice of Kocurek Rosemary Bacon and an oil and vinegar dressing, with olive oil and basalmic from Texas Olive Ranch from the downtown market.

Today was a banner day!  I used the last of my goat milk in my coffee this morning, which was disturbing.  I’m not a black coffee fan, just yet.  I had a boiled duck egg for breakfast, which was quick.  After the office, I drove immediately to Boggy Creek Farm in search of more goat milk.  I bought a quart last week, but used most it in a feeble attempt to make butter.   And even more feeble, instead of researching making butter from goat milk, I just jumped right in and pretended it was cow’s cream, poured it in a jar and started shaking.  And I shook, and shook.  Then I told myself, stop trying to be your grandmother, and got out the immersion blender.  I blended, and blended, and blended, and that goat milk never even began to change structure.  Finally, after sitting on a stool, with an immersion blender that was too hot to hold any longer, I gave up.  Total fail at goat butter.   So I was dairy free after coffee this morning.  Boggy Creek Farm was out of goat milk.  I was deflated at the thought of black coffee, and contemplated buying some goat yogurt thinking that might be OK in coffee.  Instead I bought some Full Quiver Chevre, which I also contemplated putting in  coffee.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.   Might be a little tangy and clumpy, but at least it wouldn’t be black!   Decided to ponder that predicament later, and went to lunch with my mom to Cippolina.  All of their food is sourced locally.  Score!  I had a ceasar salad with chicken from a farm whose name I’ve forgotten.  Then I walked with my 68 year old friend in the rain for 4 miles.  I tried to get out of it, but she’s an exercise hard ass, and wasn’t letting me off the hook.  And I’m always glad, after the fact.  Thanks Sue from Antlers, Oklahoma!  So then off to the Triangle Farmer’s Market for weekly shopping.  It was cold, and raining, but I went early because the Kocurek’s were being interviewed for KEYE, and I love that market.  I had a well planned dinner laid out, Richardson Farm’s ribeye to be cooked on the Big Green Egg, and a huge market and garden salad, with steamed garden broccoli.   Best laid plans.  I ended up volunteering to the man the new Trash/compost/recycling station in the place of a wayward volunteer.  It takes the Egg a long time to come up to temp as it is a charcoal grill.  I didn’t get home until after 7:00.  BUT, I did get milk!  Lee Ann had gotten some goat milk for me at the last market and it is in my fridge now.  I got home with fabulous duck eggs from Countryside Farms, amazingly sweet carrots from Johnson’s Backyard Garden, and all kinds of charcuterie from the Kocureks.  Oh, and rendered pork fat with rosemary and sea salt.  Pahleese.  I’m stuffed full of carrots, but am going to go cook up a bit of the gifted nilgai summer sausage and a salad.  I’ll have the giant steak tomorrow, perhaps with sweet potato fries cooked in pork fat or duck fat.  Yum.

I met a wonderful blog follower today at the market.  Now that I know someone actually reads this thing, I’ll try to be more interesting.  I love my little eat local challenge, and I know that I will continue to learn more and more from it.    Hopefully, I can find a way to inspire more folks to get in touch with their food, and think about where it comes from, and to eat locally a bit more often.


4 Responses to “No Grocery Store Challenge, Days 11 and 12”

  1. Bill Hines Says:

    It was great to meet you today. Connecting a real person to the online adventure was very cool. You have really inspired me to go all out on my garden this year and to at least try to be a little more local in my consumption. Thanks. Keep up the good work on your challenge.


    • Bill, you totally made my day! And Lee Ann Kocurek’s as well! We couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was that things came full circle at today’s market. It was wonderful meeting you. Just holler when you need transplants, because I have a supplier. I live in Central Austin so we could meet up and do the plant handoff. I’ll try to keep the blog interesting, now that I know I have a reader. You are sweet! Ask me anything.

  2. That’s it. I need some duck eggs! Sounds fantastic. Hope I can find them Sat. morning.

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