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Time to Order Seeds for Spring Garden January 12, 2010

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If you are going to start some or all of your Spring Garden from seed, its about time to start seeds indoors.  There are many seed sources out there.  One of my favorites is Botanical Interests, which can be found at lots of local nurseries, I get mine at Gardens on35th.  Central Market also carries them.  I also like Renee’s Gardens, which I’ve gotten at Natural Gardener.   I have ordered Heirloom Tomato seeds from Tomatofest, and most were very successful.  Please consider heirloom varieties when you order seeds.  Heirloom seeds have been around for a long time, and have not been manipulated to be Roundup Ready, or to kill caterpillars.    If you want to avoid seeds from Monsanto, avoid buying Johnny’s, Nichols, and Stokes seeds.

If you are going to plant most of your garden from transplants, there will be lots of Spring plant sales, which I will post here about soon.  And, if you need transplants you can’t find around town, send me a message and I’ll look around.  I have a supplier who plants some interesting things not readily found.

Happy Gardening!


2 Responses to “Time to Order Seeds for Spring Garden”

  1. tj Says:

    Territorial Seed Company does not sell any seed products from Seminis or any seed products from any Monsanto owned companies.

    Tom Johns
    President & Owner
    Territorial Seed Company

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