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No Grocery Store Challenge Day 7 January 9, 2010

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Woot!  One week in and I’m excited.  I have a bacon, mushroom, onion, tomato, goat cheese (all farmer’s market) quiche in the oven as we speak, to launch into week 2.  Today, I had no breakfast, (bad, I know) salad and snapper for lunch from Cafe Josie, and dinner was local salad with boiled duck eggs, chevre, and Texas Olive Oil Co. oil and basalmic dressing.  I attempted to make butter from the Wateroak Dairy Goat milk, but it didn’t happen.  I guess I need to study it more.  The goat milk tastes nothing like goat cheese, no tang at all.  It is really creamy and tastes pretty much like cow’s milk.  I was surprised.  I might even like it better.  I’m looking forward to the downtown farmer’s market tomorrow, because I want shrimp and fish.  I feel like my options are limited.  They aren’t, but since I can’t just jump up and run to the store on a whim, like I used to, I want to have all the options covered before I launch into the week.  I think it is still a hoarding mentality, which should subside, but when you limit yourself so strictly, you tend to feel really restricted.  I’m not restricted much at all, it’s just a feeling I think.  The Sustainable Food Center is going to offer a 1 week Eat Local Challenge in February, and as asked me to partner up with them.  I’m honored to assist in any way possible.  I guess I need to keep honest until then at least!

Reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver  regarding a family that embarked upon a similar challenge.  Looking forward to hints and tips.  So far, they are buying not local flour and coffee.  But I’m just on Chapter 3.


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  1. Congratulations on getting through the week of your personal Eat Local Challenge. Only 51 more to go.

    I understand about food getting boring or repetitive. What do you usually get when you go to restaurants? Maybe you can riff off those to create you own version at home.

    Have you picked up any flour from Richardson Farms yet? Remember, you can make your own pasta with the local flour and eggs. Do you eat pasta?

    Anyway, I know you will do great, and enjoy a year of eating locally.

    • Thanks Cecilia! Since I launched this on a whim, the first week I was totally unprepared. I just got milk Wednesday and wheat flour today. I am planning ahead much better now, and freezing some things that will be out of season, like tangerine juice, lemon juice. I’m also saving vegetable tops and will save chicken bones for stock, which I was too lazy to do before. I bought a smoker and picked up some ribs and 2 chickens from Richardson’s on Wednesday. So, tonight the plan is snapper and I’m thawing one of the huge chickens to grill tomorrow evening. I’ll eat some for dinner, then also make chicken salad for lunches. I’ll make some homemade mayo tomorrow for that. Fun stuff!

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