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No Grocery Store Challenge Day 6 January 8, 2010

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Today, was the day my beloved Longhorns were to play for the National Championship game.  Therefore, I got myself up early enough to eat some breakfast, for energy.  Scrambled duck eggs from Countryside Farms, scrambled with Pure Luck Chevre from Boggy Creek Farms.  And, for the first morning in my coffee,  local goat milk from Wateroak Dairy.  It was phenomenal on its own, and great in coffee.   Dinner for the big game I enduldged in take out from Hula Hut, not local, not good for me or you, but not out of bounds for my challenge.  I can’t dedicate myself  to a year without guacamole and chile con queso, and succeed at the other changes I’m making.  So, a cheat on my eat local challenge, not a cheat on my no grocery store challenge, but yes a cheat on my diet.   More interesting things to come!  I’m gearing up the smoker for the weekend, although it will be brutally cold.   Cover your plants or you will lose them.


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