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No Grocery Store Challenge Day 5 January 7, 2010

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Day 5 was easy and a bit more interesting, yet still not very diverse.  I did get some great supplies for future days though.  No breakfast, leftover chili for lunch, and Kocurek’s gumbo (using all local ingredients and game) for dinner.  It hit the spot on a chilly evening after getting home late after a long meeting.

From Boggy Creek Farmstand I got more Pure Luck Chevre, Wateroak Ricotta, Wateroak Goat milk, lettuce mix (my garden is under cover) and sweet potatos.

From the Triangle Market I got some Kocurek sausage, more lettuce,  green onions, Round Rock honey, Mediterranean Chef hummus, and from Richardson Farms 2 huge chickens and 2 racks of baby back ribs.  I had no idea how much I had ordered, just 2 chickens and 2 racks of ribs.  Their animals must be enormous, each chicken was close to 5 pounds and I have no idea what the ribs weighed.  When Larry Kocurek had to help me carry it all to the car, I realized once again that I was hoarding food, in a panic that I wouldn’t be able to get any.  Freezers are packed full and I’m safe from starvation.  Already getting more creative ideas to ensure that I will start eating breakfast and bring more variety into my diet.


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