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No Grocery Store Challenge Day 3 January 5, 2010

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Yesterday was Day 3 of my challenge to myself to eat only what I grow, or get at the farmer’s market (and occasional restaurant).  The biggest challenge so far, is my own lack of creativity and limited options.  I’m beginning to realize that frequently, I’ve thawed something for dinner the day before, then when it doesn’t appeal to me the next day, I run out to the store and pick up something else.  Yesterday was a hectic day and I missed breakfast, only ate a handful of nuts for lunch, and for dinner I had thawed grass fed ground beef from Bastrop Cattle.  It was either too cold, or I was too lazy to fire up the grill, so I seasoned the beef with mexican spices, and had a taco salad.  I didn’t think goat cheese would be very good with it, so I ate it with salsa that I made from market tomatoes.  I’m learning lots about planning ahead, and can’t wait for the Wendesday Triangle Market so I can buy a wider assortment of things.  Texas French Bread was not at the Sunday market, and I’d hoped to get some bread.  I’ve heard they might pull out of all markets, which will throw a serious chink in my armour.  But, Richardson Farms should have wheat flour, so we’ll see.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store Challenge Day 3”

  1. Optimista Says:

    There’s another bread purveyor at Sunset Valley…can’t remember their name, but their bread is yummmy…

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