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Photos from Boggy Creek Farm December 30, 2009

I got to Boggy Creek Farm this morning, specifically looking to pick up some Pure Luck Farms Chevre and Meyer Lemons.  The farmstand was bustling with people and the tables were full of organic vegetable goodness, local honey, baked goods and tamales.   I got my Chevre, lemons and some lettuce which I didn’t need, since my garden is full of lettuce, but it was too pretty to resist.  I paid a visit to the chickens and snapped their photo. Larry told me there is one chicken who is about 14 years old.  I guess they live longer lives when treated as well as these chickens are.  These chickens are given room to roam and be happy chickens, not stacked in cages.  Everything about Boggy Creek Farm is good.  The next farmstand will be Saturday at 9:00.

Sweet potatoes

Farmstand table

Happy Chickens


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