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Boggy Creek Farm, Farmer’s Market December 30, 2009

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If  you are off of work today, and in need of some fresh produce, local cheese and honey, farm fresh eggs, and other healthful goodies, head on over to Boggy Creek Farm on Lyon’s Road, just off of East 7th Street.  It is a full on working farm, with a larger farm in Gause.  Carol Ann and Larry have a beautiful set up on some acreage and grow some of the tastiest organic food around.  They are really nice people as well.  The farmstand is open from 9:00 to 1:00, every Wednesday and Saturday.  Make sure to say howdy to the chickens!  And wear appropriate shoes, it might be a bit muddy from yesterday’s rainfall.  From their website, here is a listing of what is available.

Currently on our Market Tables:

Carrots (4 varieties, 3 colors!); Lettuce Salad Mix! Butter Head Lettuces; Red Lettuce Bouquets; Freckles Tender Romaine; sweet Japanese White Turnips; Baby Kohlrabi bunches (eat Kohlrabi raw!); Meyer Lemons; Dan Sondgeroth’s Sweet Potatoes; Daikon Radishes; Broccoli and its Greens; Salads: The Marias’ Brassica Babes (kale, brussel, broccoli leaves, pea tendrils, etc.); Baby Lettuce Mix; Baby Arugula; Baby Chard; Succulent Spinach;  Chicory Mix: radicchio,escarole,frisee); Curley Endive; Escarole; Radicchio; Bunched Collards, Brussels Greens, Four Kales (Dinosaur, Siberian, Red Russian, & Frilly); Red & Yellow Swiss Chard, Cilantro, Dandelion Greens, & Arugula;  Gause Yaupon Honey!


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