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Late December in an Austin Garden December 27, 2009

As we enter into the harshest days of winter, my garden is again in transition.  The onions I planted last week are just fine being left alone in their raised beds.  The lettuces are still beautiful, and we had fresh salad for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   There are 3 broccoli plants that need to be harvested soon, and the spinach still needs to be harvested, perhaps today.  I pulled up the sugar snap peas, which didn’t do as well as I had hoped.  They were hard to train to cling to the trellises I had, which were not ideal.  The strawberries are chilling out in their 4’x4′ space, their roots kept warm by a thick layer of mulch.  They continue to put on new leaves.  The cabbages are gorgeous, but not making heads.  I’ve read that if you tie the leaves closer together, it will force heads to form.

Broccoli heads

Big garden


2 Responses to “Late December in an Austin Garden”

  1. Your garden looks beautiful, and I’m jealous! We’ve been under a nice blanket of snow for more than a week here in Virginia. The produce at your local farmer’s market looks great as well. We’ve got a few more months before we have fresh produce again.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the nice comment. We are very lucky to be able to garden 12 months a year in Austin. We also have lots of farmer’s markets and farms from whom we can get fresh produce, eggs, cheeses, etc. Our winters are pretty mild, but the summers can be challenging. Thanks again for reading!

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