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Time to Pick the Broccoli – A week ago December 14, 2009

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Due in part to the many fun activities scheduled last week by Edible Austin, in support of Urban Roots, I have neglected my garden for a week.  In response to not being tended to, two of the broccoli plants went to seed.  The result, is actually quite beautiful, although I feel guilty for wasting perfectly good garden broccoli.  Yes, there is more and I will not neglect another broccoli crown.  So, if your broccoli starts to flower, you waited too long to harvest it.


7 Responses to “Time to Pick the Broccoli – A week ago”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Oh, but look how gorgeous the flowers are. I had no idea! My broken hand put me six weeks behind on my fall veggie planting. My broccoli doesn’t even have heads yet.

  2. It took some doing let me tell you but I finally found out what a Broccoli Flower looks like and it was your website! I did a yahoo pic search and your website was on the second or third page. The Broccoli flower as it turns out is an incredibly uninteresting subject to everyone but me and you it seems. I actually bought my plants from the local Wal-Mart for ornamental purposes even though I did not know in advance what they looked like. Yours are very pretty. So they are yellow! How about that.

    But yes, I will eat some of them too, picked at the right time. I love Broccoli. I just ate some raw ( a little past its prime but still good) with peppercorn dressing as a matter in fact.

    Cauliflower – what color are they I wonder…..

    • Most of my broccoli gets eaten raw, before I ever make it inside from the garden. I love the flowers too, and ate it even after flowering. I am not a huge fan of cauliflower, so I haven’t planted it to know what it looks like when it flowers. I am currently enjoying the garlic that has gone to seed as well as the cilantro. Both make pretty flowers. Thanks for the comment! Stop back by anytime.:-)

  3. mccommas Says:

    cilantro blooms? I grow that but it has never bloomed. I guess we eat it before it gets a chance. Time for lunch.

  4. james feece Says:

    Is it harmful to eat broccoli after it blooms. First year gardner, and waited too long. Don’t want to waste.

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