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Plant a Blackberry Plant December 8, 2009

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By now, some of the nurseries, especially The Natural Gardener in Austin, will have bare root blackberry plants for sale.  They won’t be much to look at, really just a stick with roots, but if put in the ground (or a pot) now, by Spring will have grown and leafed out beautifully, and will begin to produce fruit the first year, with any luck.  I have two blackberry plants, both bought the same year.  One is growing in a pot, the other in a small corner of the yard in bad soil.  The thorny blackberry I planted in the pot, 2 years ago, produced several blackberries the first Spring, then this year at least tripled in production.  The one in the bad soil has lagged behind, but still produced both Springs.  They are easy to care for, don’t freeze, and as long as they get some sun and water, tend to do quite well.  Give it a shot!  There might be nothing better than a fresh, ripe blackberry.


9 Responses to “Plant a Blackberry Plant”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Do you know anything about black raspberries? I bought one at the farmers’ market this past summer. It’s still in a pot because I’m not sure what to do with it!

    • I have never encountered a black raspberry plant. I would think it should do fine in a pot, as long the pot is large enough. You could always put it in a sunny spot in the yard or garden. If it is anything like a blackberry plant, they are pretty low maintenance. Good luck!

  2. Optimista Says:

    Ohhhh! I must get one of these! I have always wanted to grow fresh fruit, but have been too intimidated.

  3. Sandra Says:

    Good luck on the plants. I picked up two black berry and two blue berry plants a few weeks ago that were on sale. Do you think it would be ok to plant them in pots close to my garden so I can take care of them, while tending to the garden?

    • Hey Sandra,
      The blackberry plant I have in a pot has been the best producer. I have one in the ground, but it isn’t in good soil and hasn’t been cared for as much as the potted one. I saw blueberry plants last year at Costco, but was wary of them because they aren’t indicated for Zone 8. Our weather has changed, and we can grow things here that we didn’t used to be able to grow, so maybe they will flourish! Good luck to you and I’d love to hear how they do for you.

  4. Sandra Says:

    An update…. I have potted my two black berry plants within the last week. I am looking to pot my two blueberry plants soon. In addition, I picked up a raspberry plant and grape plant this evening. I will also be putting these both in pots and allow to grow along my fence line where I will have a trellis. However, at the time of purchase the girl at the cash registered mentioned the grapes can be messy and may attract ants 😦 Good time to tell someone after they purchased them… I will keep you posted on my progress…


  5. Nelly Darou Says:

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