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Lessons Learned from Hard Freeze December 8, 2009

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I live in Central Austin, where it never gets as cold as the outlying areas.  However, in an abundance of caution before this last freeze, I covered everything.  I don’t know how cold it got in my hood, but some plants froze under their covers, which is a first.  The last of the tomatoes, although covered, froze hard.  The fennel, broccoli, cabbage and lettuces were fine, some of the lettuce even survived coming uncovered during the night.  The snow peas, which were barely covered, did just fine (hence their name) and the spinach and strawberries were fine as well.  Strawberries aren’t supposed to freeze, but I covered them anyway.  I failed to get a cover on the grapevine and it is gone.  The citrus trees are still in my garage today, since there is no sun anyway.

As far as landscaping, the butterfly garden lost the blackfooted daisies, the Cassandra, and the butterfly plant.  The front bed lost the Lantana, but if the weather ever improves, I’ll cut back the dead parts and it should come back, even better in the Spring.  The pecans shed every leaf, rather dramatically in a couple of hours.  Those will be raked up and tossed into the compost pile for Spring fertilizer.  Nature likes it best when you put back what it put forth.


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