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Drying Herbs December 2, 2009

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With this imminent blizzard threatening all of us in Central Texas with a blanket of snow (kidding), now is a good time to dry some herbs for future use.   Mint and basil have a high moisture content and will mold if not dried quickly.  Oregano, thyme and rosemary are all good candidates for air drying, and don’t suffer much flavor loss, in my opinion.  I simply snip off the amount I want to dry, tie the ends together with string forming a bundle, put the bundle upside down in a paper bag – tying the bag around the stems, so the bundle is hanging upside down, make some air holes in the bag, and place in cool dry spot (pantry) for 2 weeks.  One dried, run your fingers down the stems to remove the leaves, and place your dried herbs in a glass herb jar.   I mostly dry oregano, and use it all winter in Italian dishes.


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