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Mid-November Austin Raised Garden November 24, 2009

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The radishes are pulled up, the pepper garden is empty now, and gone to compost, the tomatoes are all done so every sign of Summer is gone.  That I’m happy for that transition.  I will miss the tomatoes and peppers, but I’ve pickled enough peppers to remind me for months to come.  The strawberries are happy in their heavily mulched bed,  the brocolli is going crazy – I’ll have brocolli for weeks, and I’m harvesting 2 types of lettuce and spinach every day.  There are tiny snow peas on the vines as well.  I could feed myself as a vegetarian for weeks on my garden alone, but wouldn’t have enough protein to get by, I don’t think.  Thinking about shaking things up, diet wise.


3 Responses to “Mid-November Austin Raised Garden”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Ooo, in what way?

    I hope the new diet includes lots of carbonara and wine. Just sayin’.

  2. I wrote that after having a big steak for dinner and feeling too full. I’m thinking of alternating a vegetarian day, with a regular day for a few weeks after the holiday. Wine is definitely vegetarian.:-)

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