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Making Way for the Onions November 21, 2009

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The gardens are in transition again, as I pull up the last of the warm weather plants to make way for the cooler weather plants.  This morning I pulled up the last of the radishes, and picked the last of the peppers.  I’ll clear out all of the pepper plants which were very productive this season, and toss them into the growing compost heap, to make room for the onion sets which should be shipped in the next week.  The onions will go in the gardens on the side of my house, where I am most likely to leave them alone to do their thing.  I piddle around the gardens in the back on a daily basis, but tend to leave the side gardens alone.  I’m on a mission to find shallots today, which will go in with the onions, if I can find some.

The Last of the radishes and peppers


4 Responses to “Making Way for the Onions”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Oh, those radishes are so pretty! Do they have as much bite as a store-bought radish?

  2. Sandra Says:

    Great looking radishes and peppers. I am waiting for my winter and summer squash and okra to finish harvesting, then I will be transplanting some of my broccoli I grew from seeds that are still in cups to be transplanted. I am jealous to hear your brocolli has growns. When did you plant your seeds? I planted mine in late August.


    • Hey Sandra. I planted broccoli from transplants, not seeds in late September/early October. I planted several varieties at weekly intervals, so that all my brocolli didn’t mature at once. Hope yours does well!

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