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Protecting Winter Garden November 18, 2009

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With all the frenzied freeze warnings yesterday which I had not expected, I scurried around to find my freeze protection, having forgotten that I have added another raised vegetable garden since last winter.    All of my raised beds are 12 inches tall.  Since my plants are of varied heights, I don’t like to just toss the cover over the top.  So, I made simple and cheap hoops from pvc, which just stick right in the ground and hold up my two forms of protection.  For the big garden, I use a 20×10 foot Planket $24.99 or so at Home Depot.  They come in smaller sizes as well.  I secure the Planket to the pvc with 2 clamps, also from Home Depot and very inexpensive.  For the smaller gardens, I have simple row cover from the Natural Gardener, secured in the same fashion.  This simple technique has saved my gardens from several freezes, but also offers protection from hail and sleet, which can be the most damaging.


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