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Leaves are Falling – Make Compost November 17, 2009

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I don’t know about you, but I had to use the blower Saturday and Sunday, for all the leaves on my patio and driveway, and this morning more than ever had fallen.   The pecan trees are shedding leaves like nobodies’ business, as if to get themselves naked as soon as possible.  While others may see the nuisance in dealing with fallen leaves, I can’t wait to get them into my compost heap.  Leaves decompose very quickly, especially with a bit of moisture.   My compost heap is uncovered, and contains the remnants of potted herb and vegetable plants that are no more, buried vegetable scraps, spent garden plants, and now leaves.  I put most of my food scraps in the covered bin, to prevent attracting animals.  I’ll toss some leaves in there too, but most will go on the pile.  Once they start to break down, I’ll turn the whole heap over and keep adding leaves, until the trees are finally naked for winter.  (I’ve offered to take the neighbors leaves as well, and they think I’m a little nuts.)  By Spring, it will be a rich, and very nutritious addition to my vegetable garden.

I had an interesting conversation with the horticulturist for the Brushy Creek Community Center, who was gracious enough to show me around their wonderful gardens.  We started talking about compost, and she said that on the farm that was her childhood home, they had a huge garden, and buried food scraps in the rows next to what they had planted.    Saves a few steps to do it that way.  I’ve not tried that method.


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