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Eating Local, Fall/Winter Raised Garden in my Yard November 14, 2009

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I love that eating local is a trend that is taking off.  I think supporting local farmers and growers is a wonderful practice – the food you get is better for you, tastes better, hasn’t sat on a truck for weeks or sprayed with who knows what.  I’m a big Farmer’s Market fan, and go every Saturday, Wednesday and now Sunday too.  I get most of my meat and cheese from local farmers and also supplement what I might not have grown enough in my yard.  I do try to grow as many of my own vegetables and herbs as I can, and do a better job of it every year, since my gardens keep expanding.  Fall and Winter can be some of the most productive gardens.  The broccoli crown has emerged and will grow large, and the plant will also shoot of individual sprouts of broccoli.  I staggered my broccoli plantings so I wouldn’t have too much at once.  The other photo shows spinach ready to harvest.  I will re-seed for spinach or some other winter green in that spot.

103109 001


103109 002



2 Responses to “Eating Local, Fall/Winter Raised Garden in my Yard”

  1. That’s an awesome raised bed! You should do that for a living! ; )

    • Thanks, I’m doing my best! Would love to do it full time. We may be doing a community project soon with a local restaurant. That would rock! Don’t work too hard today, even though its just Wednesday. Can you take Thursday off?

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