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Urban Garden is Economical October 16, 2009

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Yesterday I harvested the last of the green beans.  From 1/2 pack of seeds that I paid .99 cents for, I planted 9 green bean plants.  Over the course of the last month or so, I have harvested beans 4 times, each time yielding enough green beans to feed 4 people.  The space required for these plants was 4’x4′ in a raised garden 12 inches high.

The space formerly occupied by the beans will not need to be fertilized, as beans provide nitrogen to the soil in which they are grown.  I’ll throw some compost on as top dressing, then use the space for strawberries, which I’ll plant this weekend.

Once the tomatoes have all ripened, I’ll pull those up, amend the soil, let it rest and that space will be used for onions later on.

Every available space in the gardens will stay filled with something good to eat, year round.


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