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Compost Day and Fall Tomato Dilemma September 20, 2009

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I have a compost bin that I use for composting, and a compost pile for more finished compost.  The pile has been neglected for months, the bin, I’ve been actively tossing over ripe fruits and vegetables in for months.  Time to step both up and notch and get them both actively decomposing again.  I cleaned out the fridge, and found some lettuce, asparagus, an old avocado and herbs which needed to go.  So I tossed half of them into the bin and buried the other half in the pile.  I then donned some gloves, and foraged through the jungle like atmosphere on the side of the house where no one goes (except for foraging fallen, half decomposed leaves).  I picked up a bag full of leaves, already in the beginning stages of decomposure, and added half to the compost bin and half to the pile.    I then watered both bin and pile and now all there is to do is wait, add more leaves next week and stir.  I love compost!

Now that Fall is here tomorrow, we have a limited time left for tomatoes to mature.  Most of the tomatoes I have growing are Cherry varieties and  over half of the plants have fruit already set.  Those are perfect and will undoubtedly have time to produce mature, ripe fruit.  Those with no fruit set, theorically, will not.  So, should I pull those up and plant something else or wait and see.  Can’t decide.  I’ll think about that next week.  Happy Gardening!


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