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Fall Garden in Austin August 28, 2009

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So, this has been a challenging time to get the Fall garden up and running, with endless triple digit heat and no rain until two days ago.  I have officially had .74 inches of rain this month, and I am thankful for every drop.  My 3 rainbarrels, which are connected, had been bone dry, and now each store almost a half a barrel of water.  That won’t water the garden for very long, but the ph adjustment from city water ought to give my plants an additional boost to get through whatever heat is yet to come.  The shade cloth shields the tender lettuce and broccoli seedlings and they are doing great!  I need to thin the broccoli, as the plants get quite big, but I’ll put that off, because I hate it so.  Something killed my healthiest looking bean plant, but there are more coming up and still more sprouting beans.  4 Tomato plants have fruit on them which is hard to fathom, but with the cooler nights to come, the rest should start setting fruit.  Until then, the farmer’s markets will suffice for tomatoes.


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