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I Have Tomatoes! August 22, 2009

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I planted tomatoes in the greenhouse from seed weeks ago, and have been setting them out in the raised gardens over the last several weeks.  I also purchased some transplants from Natural Gardener and from JJ at Shady Hollow Farms,  at the Triangle Market.  One of the heirlooms I started from seed has a tomato on it and all of the Shady Hollow Farms transplants have tomatoes.  The Natural Gardener plants turned yellow and I pulled them up and replaced them.  I did not expect any of the tomato plants to set fruit since it is still so hot at night.  What an unexpected occurrance!  I seeded for lettuce and broccoli under 40% shade cloth, and those seedlings are up as well.  Fall garden is coming along!  I just wish it was more Fall like outside.


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