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Growing Lettuce August 21, 2009

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Two of my favorite things to grow in the garden are lettuce, and broccoli.  I seeded for both a few days ago under 40% shade cloth, and today the first of the lettuce has sprouted.  After having failed at New Zealand Spinach and Arugula last month, this brings me a great deal of pleasure, hope and optimism, that this ridiculous heat wave doesn’t mean the end of the edible garden.  Fall is just around the corner, and Fall is my favorite time of year for gardening, because since we don’t really have winter, Fall lasts for months and months, unlike Spring, which gets cut short by the early heat of summer.  Happy Gardening!


4 Responses to “Growing Lettuce”

  1. roundrockgarden Says:

    that’s good news, because i’m trying to grow both this fall!

    do you have any tips for growing broccoli? i know i’m late, but i got seeds in starter pots several days ago and i’m waiting for them to pop up. i have never tried to grow broccoli before, so i hope i’m not TOO late.

    • Broccoli is pretty easy, as in I’ve never killed any. I planted seeds a few weeks ago and they are up, but I’m a total sucker for transplants which are starting to show up around town and will continue to until late September. For the seeds and transplants, I amend the planting area with worm castings, then just wait and watch! Broccoli is fun, because it makes a crown in the center of the plant, then individual shoots all over the plant. It seems to be hearty but does require a bit of space. It isn’t a smallish plant. Let me know what variety works best for you! I’m always interested. I’ll be taking notes on my seed starts versus my transplants. Shady Hollow Farms will have more transplants in the coming weeks, if the Natural Gardener doesn’t buy them all.

      • roundrockgarden Says:

        I have the Calabrese variety going, but they have been so slow to grow. Only in the last few weeks have they really begun to grow, but no flowering yet. It’s been nearly 80 days since sowing… I think I made the mistake of putting them in a spot where they get shade after 3 PM, but they do get 7 hours direct light.

      • I’m not familiar with that variety of lettuce, but I wonder if you sowed your seeds too deep or too early. They should sprout in just a week to ten days, and once sprouted tend to grow pretty quickly, at least the varieties I’ve tried.

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