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Thinning Fall Garden Seedlings is Painful August 6, 2009

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I love to start vegetables and herbs from seed. There may be little else rewarding in gardening, that harvesting food from a plant you started from seed. The difficulty for me, however, is 1) over seeding; 2) thinning seedlings. The over planting seems necessary at the time, because I have had several failures to sprout, so I feel like I need to make sure. Then, when multiple seedlings come up at the same time almost on top of one another, the only hope for survival is thinning. Feels like I’m killing off a life I started, unnecessarily. I know, its just seedlings. It has to be done, though to give some of the plants a chance to grow and produce in the garden.
This is why I can never volunteer at an animal shelter. Pics soon.


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