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Transition to Fall Garden in Austin July 24, 2009

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It seems crazy to think about planting for Fall when the heat is so insidious. But, I’m so looking forward to a good Fall harvest, I know I must keep after it. The heat loving pepper garden continues to rock along. My peppers are smallish this year, some hot, some not. The Large Red Cherry tomatoes are still setting fruit! Craziness. The rehabbed and tilled large garden currently has several squash varieties planted, and I planted a section of green beans a few days ago. The tomatoes I started from seed are now 4 – 6 inches tall in the greenhouse. I’ve found some transplants from Shady Hollow Farm, and have 3 varieties planted with the Large Red Cherries on the side garden. I’ll start setting the seedlings out in about 2 weeks. I’ll be planting broccoli seeds this weekend and fennel. I think it would be ill advised to plant lettuce seeds until the end of August, but I’m tempted to. Arugula or spinach perhaps.


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