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Raised Garden Overhaul for Fall Planting July 12, 2009

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Today’s the day the garden overhaul will be complete and the garden will be prepared to receive the veggies that will produce lots of my fall produce. I’ve pulled up all of the tomato plants that had fried in full sun and left the still producing Cherry Tomato plants on the side gardens that are in partial shade and still look healthy. I pruned them back somewhat and will spray with liquid seaweed the give them some Rabbit Hill fertilizer and worm castings. I will plant 2 more Cherry Transplants today in the side gardens, and still more from the seedlings that are being babied in the greenhouse, in two weeks or so. I will condition the back garden with worm castings, Rabbit Hill Fertilizer and Actino Iron, then top dress it with compost. The back garden will be ready to receive the crookneck squash and saffron squash I started from seed. The New Zealand spinach sprouted then died, so I guess it was too hot.


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