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Time to Plant Pumpkin Seeds June 30, 2009

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The 4th of July is when you want to get your pumpkin seeds in the ground for pumpkins by Halloween. I purchased two varieties, Hercules and Early Sweet Sugar Pie, both Burpee brand. I got them at Sledd’s on West Lynn, but they will have them at any nursery. If you haven’t grown pumpkins before, they take up quite a bit of space as the leaves are huge.


2 Responses to “Time to Plant Pumpkin Seeds”

  1. scott lindner Says:

    I planted my burpee hercules pumpkins a month and a half ago.the vines are about 6 feet long.already had about 6 males flowers and 4 female flowers.a week ago I self polinated one of them with a qtip.that one is almost a pound already.I’m hopeing bye mid september its 20 to 25 pounds.all my pumpkin plants are super healthy mixed in the grounds,worm castings,top soil.manure.I soak the soil almost every morning with water.we been having very hot days here.80 to 90 degree days lots of that I’m starting to get my female flowers off to a good start to my pumpkins.I’m gunna run to the compost site and grab some compost to mix in my soil.for my pumpkin growth.So in my opinion the burpee hercules seed would be a great choice for any pumpkin grower.I had luck with it so far

    • That’s very cool Scott, thanks for your comment. I’m a huge fan of the worm castings! Sounds like your plants are off to a really great start. It’s been 104-107 here almost every day for a couple of weeks, so everything is struggling. I will plant my pumpkins this weekend, if I can get myself organized. Thanks again for commenting on my blog and for the advice. Gardeners have to stick together.:-)

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