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Austin Heat Stressed Tomatoes June 25, 2009

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This unbearable, unseasonable heat has me wanting to avoid outside at all cost.  (We installed a fairly large garden yesterday at noon.  It was a hard day.)

However, I still have all kinds of tomatoes ripening.  The Japanese Black Trifele Tomato plant just set new fruit a couple weeks ago, and now the plant is giving up the ghost.  The heirlooms have not been manipulated to be this heat hearty, (having not been manipulated at all).  The non-heirloom Celebrity, still has lots of tomatoes, as does the Large Red Cherry, which set new fruit last week.  However, most of the tomato plants are showing signs of heat stress, inspite of the seaweed I sprayed on them last weekend.  The peppers are all doing great.  I have one plant which has upside down peppers on it.  They grow facing up instead of hanging down.  Don’t remember what it is or where it came from.  I often pick up plants to display in my mini-Austin Urban Garden, at farmer’s markets and whatnot.  Then I stick them in the garden, so as not to waste a perfectly good plant.  So, I have lots of mystery plants.  I expect this practice will continue, as we are now carrying the Earthboxes as well.

I must find time to plant the New Zealand spinach seeds tomorrow, as they have been soaking already.  My pumpkin seeds are at the ready for July 4th planting.  I’ll be planting Halloween large pumpkins, and sweet pumpkins for pie as well.    Along with several squashes that I’m seeding in the greenhouse.

So much to do in the garden, and too much heat to do any of it.


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